Where is the best place to install the weather station?

The weather station should be installed on top of a stable pole, tower or surfmast. In order to get good readings from the wind sensor avoid setting up the sensor near obstacles that create turbulence such as trees or buildings.

If you consider the top of a pointed roof, be aware that the wind is deflected off it. Therefore the sensor should be attached to a pole that extends at least 2 meters above the roof top with guy cables/wires for stability.

It is very important to keep the vibrations to a minimum when the wind blows as they cause inaccurate readings and premature damage.

What is the the iWeathar Twister?

The iWeathar Twister can be remotely installed on a mountain top or field where there is mobile phone coverage, or more specifically 3G coverage. The weather information is relayed to the internet via the cellular provider which allows you to view the information anywhere provided you have internet access. No wiring, phone lines or electrical outlet is necessary as the system uses a solar panel and battery for power and communicates wirelessly.

Can I retrieve live information from the iWeathar Twister using my mobile phone?

Yes, your weather station information can be accessed through your mobile phone using the iWeathar Lite App for Android and iOS, you can download it for Free at your App Store. It is also possible to access your information via a premium SMS facility.

Where is all the weather information stored for the iWeathar Twister system?

Every 10 minutes the iWeathar Twister will connect and save the data on our iWeathar server permanently.

Can the general public view my weather station information?

Only if you, the weather station owner, allows it. This option is configurable once you login to the iWeathar Control Panel using your login and password.

Can I connect my iWeathar Twister to my own Web Server?

If you purchase 10 or more weather stations we will program the units to point directly to your servers where you will need to interpret the HTML GET information and supply your own SIM cards with data on. Each unit uses on average 20 Megabytes of data per month.

What is the annual fee for?

The annual fee is used for server data retention, server fees, SIM card recharges, telephonic support, the use of our online software system and to further its development, administration fees, system management, monthly sms’s and email alerts.

Is the iWeathar Twister difficult to Install?

Anyone who know how to use a cable tie or tie back is able to install a station without any technical knowledge. Simply point the solar panel North in the Southern Hemisphere or South in the Northern Hemisphere, attach the one pole clamp, cable tie the unit to the pole, connect the battery, press the START button, close the box using the provided screw and you good to go.